Ellora Ghosh

As a transaction originator in Agri-Vie I, Ellora has had primary responsibility in managing and introducing new prospects to the Agri-Vie pipeline in South Africa and has built a substantial network in the country, involving prospective target investee companies as well as intermediaries. Ellora has also advised on transactions in East and West Africa and on industry sub sectors ranging from juice production to poultry. Ellora has an educational background in business. Prior to her time with Agri-Vie, Ellora was an Associate with Deloitte, New York where she was responsible for structuring derivative products based on collateralised debt and commercial mortgages. As a winner of the Merrill Lynch IPO business plan challenge, Ellora was co-founder of Tashirt, a web 2.0 company registered in Hong Kong, and selling customised dress shirts to a global consumer base.